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Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.George Washington Carver

Equality Education

Access to education should be equal and not solely accessible to the highest income families. We are here to bring equality to education through free educational resources that are both effective and fun.

Four Core Values Inspired by Dr. Seuss

Education is a right

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

Education has been recognized as a human right in a number of international conventions, yet the gap in education quality correlates strongly with the growing family income inequality across the United States. We are a part of the movement to close this gap.

It takes a village

“Kid. You’ll move mountains.”

Our children are capable of anything, but they need a team of role models, teachers, and believers to help them realize their dreams. Working together, sharing our resources, we can help families and educators provide their children with quality educational resources that everyone can afford to use.

Encourage Creativity

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”

We take risks every day creating a site focused on giving rather than taking, education rather than profit. However, we love what we do, and never look backwards when all we want to do is propel children, of all backgrounds and beginnings, forward.

Education should be fun

“If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.”

Many of us are aware that children do not all learn the same way. Therefore, we have to engage them with a variety of fun resources and with a slew of creative activities that will challenge them to problem solve in interesting and novel ways.

About the Creator

Jennifer Liepin is a hot mess, Jack of All Trades, who has worked in a variety of positions with children and in the education field. From humble beginnings working as a mascot character at the Times Square Toys R’ Us to a professioanl face painter at birthdays and Philadelphia Flyers games, Jennifer has also, more prestigiously, attended classes at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, where she first learned about her passion for helping children in their Academically Based Community Service Classes.

After attaining her BA in psychology from Penn, she went on to run the tutoring department at the The Princeton Review in Miami, before attending the Newark Teaching Fellowship. In this program, Jennifer earned her teaching certification from Rutgers University, while teaching 2nd and 5th grade classes in an underserved community and running the state exams alongside the vice principal of her school.

Fascinated by standardized testing, she took a position at burgeoning Manhattan based tutoring and publications company, Bright Kids, that specializes in kindergarten and elementary admissions. Despite rising to a top level position as Regional Director, as the company quickly expanded to three offices during her tenure, she bowed out as tutoring prices crept upwards of $200/hour. “I knew I could not ethically continue at a company that supported the achievement gap, no matter how attached I grew to my students and their families. Our students were successful, but I found myself disillusioned, only helping wealthy families to achieve their admissions goals.”

Jennifer Liepin
Jennifer Liepin