Teaching Young Children to Use a Scantron

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Did your child just point to his/her answers on last year’s Kindergarten entry exam?

Well, you should know…

For those testing for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade entry w/ the NYC Gifted and Talented testing system, your child better know how to use a Scantron to bubble in his or her answer choices.

How come?

Because older children, many who will be pulled from the classroom for testing some day in January, will be tested in a small group setting in which a proctor asks the groups questions, of which each child will need to bubble in his/her answer choice on a scantron grid.


Practice w/ these free gridding activities below!

Activity #1 – Teach your child to use a Scantron w/ Little Victories


If you’re printing I recommend printing pages 5-7, so you have one page showing your child how a bubble is filled in, and two pages of scantrons to practice with. Note the scantrons only are numbered 1-10, so for longer activities, cross out and write in the new number or use a different scantron as noted below.

Activity #2 – Teach your child to use a Scantron w/ Lisa Gooddell

What I like about this activity is that she has actual practice questions for you to try out with your child. Some  are not age appropriate for all ages, so don’t worry if your little squirt cannot yet read a clock’s face!

Activity #3 A Scantron that goes up to 48 Problems w/ Super Science!

Perhaps use this one with your NNAT and OLSAT testing material, as each section has a large number of problems.

More material to come! Keep checking back on our Resources pages for more material & join our mailing list to get weekly updates on what resources are new on the site 🙂