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NNAT Level A Workbook

Keep your child engaged in problem solving through the fun storyline of Jamba the brave lion’s journey toward becoming King of the Jungle. Children will help Jamba solve analogy, pattern completion, serial reasoning, and spatial visualization puzzles as he journeys throughout the world.

This workbook is designed to prepare your preschool or kindergarten age child for the NYC Gifted and Talented Kindergarten admissions test.

NNAT Workbook

NNAT Level A Exercises


Reasoning by Analogy

Analogy problems involve identifying relationships between objects and shapes.


Pattern Completion

Pattern Completion problems involve selecting an answer piece that serves as a missing piece of a picture.


Serial Reasoning

Serial Reasoning problems involve identifying what shape comes next in a pattern.


Spatial Visualization

Spatial Visualization problems involve being able to visualize how an object would look if it were transformed in some way.

Making the Workbook

I want to do something very different.

Unlike others publication companies, I want to give away something that cost me a lot to create, so that everyone eventually has the ability to prepare their child for admissions exams.

I want to help level the playing field between those of largely disparate income brackets.

The NNAT Level A Workbook is a passion project, assembled in conjunction with a team of italian graphic designers, a southern illustrator, and loving husband.

This workbook is our contribution to our fight for equal access to education.


Equality Education

Access to education should be equal and not solely accessible to the highest income families. We are here to bring equality to education through free educational resources that are both effective and fun.

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