NNAT Level A Workbook

This is an online version of the NNAT Level A Workbook. It is a practice only version that includes all 88 problems from the workbook without the original illustrations and storyline. This online version was optimized to work on desktops as well as tablets, so you can click and touch the answers as you work with your child to practice these skills.

Reasoning by Analogy

Analogy problems involve identifying relationships between objects and shapes. The figures in the top two boxes are related in some way. The child must choose the answer that follows the same relationship for the bottom box. For example, if the top two boxes show a single balloon and then two balloons, the answer for a single flower would be...two flowers!

Pattern Completion

Pattern completion problems involve selecting an answer that serves as a missing piece of a picture. In other words, a pattern is presented to the child with a piece missing, and the child must identify the missing piece.

Serial Reasoning

Serial reasoning problems involve identifying what shape comes next in a pattern. These patterns are serial and involve knowing what will come next at the end of a sequence, whereas the pattern completion problems present a pattern that is not necessarily serial with a piece missing from any part of that pattern.

Spatial Visualization

Spatial visualization problems involve being able to visualize how an object would look if it were transformed in some way – folded or rotated, for example. How will the bottom figure look when folded like the top figures? How will the bottom figure look when folded and rotated like the top figures?

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This downloadable version includes original illustrations and the storyline of Jamba the Lion.

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